Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Director S. Michael Phillips, and the 'No Points Productions' crew has wrapped its first day of shooting the feature film "Hippies."

"As the actors stood in the driveway, rehearsing the first scene, a group of kids sped past on their bikes yelling: 'HIPPIES!' Some would call that rude and offensive, I call it a good omen." -Sean Matthew S., Executive Producer of "Hippies"

The first day of shooting was contained to interior of "Kosmic Freedum."

And, while the actors got a bit squirmy between takes, the crew considered the day a smashing success.

"The dailies looked great! I was very pleased with my own performance, and I found the performances of my co-stars to be an inspiration." -A. Renner, "Moonbeam"

The No Points crew is scheduled to return to the set over 4th of July weekend.

"We're gonna keep plugging away on this project. The entire group is very motivated right now, and we have to capitalize on this intense creative energy."
S. Michael, Director of "Hippies"

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Now...introducing the cast of "Hippies."

From left to right...
Ian- played by Kevin P.
Tre- played by Matt K.
Yancy- played by himself
Moonbeam- played by Renner
Cinder- played by Michael "the original"

"We pulled the cast together for an initial read-through of the script. Only one word can describe how it went: Magic!" -S. Michael, Director of Hippies

The cast is set, the van is prepped, and the cameras are ready to roll. Stay tuned...the best is yet to come.

"We expect nothing short of a national sensation!" -Matt K., 'Tre' in "Hippies"

Principal photography is slated to begin this saturday, June 25th.
My next report will be filed from the "Hippies" set.
Stand up for your rights, my brothers. Damn the man. We'll see you on the set.
PEACE and LOVE world--

Saturday, June 18, 2005


"We wouldn't settle for anything short of perfection. Rainbows, peace signs, mushrooms...we weren't stopping until we bled it all onto that bus." -C. Danek, Production Design Crew

No Points Productions has assembled a 'motley crew' of production designers to perfect the VW bus for the upcoming feature film "Hippies."
"When I design a bus, I don't think as Kash the production designer...I think as Joe Shmoe the radical activist. I become that person and realize their vision." -Kash, Production Design Crew

The No Points crew reports they're just days away from beginning principal photography, and producer Sean Matthew S. reports that the painting of the VW bus has wrapped the pre-production phase of "Hippies."
"We're ready to go. It's time to get the cameras rolling and make independent film history!" - Sean Matthew S., Executive Producer of 'Hippies'

The VW bus, which will serve the primary mode of transportation for the hippies in the film, has been given the name 'Kosmic Freedum.'
"Finding the right name for the bus was a daunting task. We spent weeks combing through thousands of names. The entire project was nearly shelved at one point, but then the words just flowed from S. Michaels lips: '"Kosmic Freedum."' It brought the entire No Points crew to tears. Now, with the right name for the bus, we're moving full steam ahead." -Kurt R, 'Hippies' Screenwriter

So, the sun has set on the pre-production phase of the film "Hippies." 'Kosmic Freedum' is set to roll, and the No Points crew is ready to make film history. Look out Eugene! Here's come the "Hippies!"

Monday, June 06, 2005


"The script is finished and we are weeks away from shooting."
-S. Michael, Director of "Hippies"

An Oregon based production company has been given the greenlight to begin shooting its first feature length film.

No Points Productions is scheduled to begin production on "Hippies" in early July. No Points recieved critical acclaim for their last short film "Slay Bottle", which was an official selection for the 'New York International Film and Video Festival' and 'Forest Film Festival.'

'Hippies' is the story of five political activists misadventures in Eugene. The five hippies fight to overthrow social convention and save the earth from the heartless beast (corporate america.)

Stay tuned to this blog for images and updates on the production of "Hippies."
Peace, Man!