Sunday, July 31, 2005


While the filmmakers of No Points Productions are fairly unconventional in nature, they can occasionally conform to trends. One new trend in Hollywood is the casting of famous musicians in supporting movie roles.

"We've seen this trend for some time now...rappers and rock stars in supporting movie roles. We figured it was a great idea to capitalize on. When Aaron became available to us...we made the decision to cast him as our fast food manager."
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Many consider Aaron to be a bit of a local celebrity. He's performed with a number of musical acts in the Eugene area for several years now. A renowned singer, song writer, and guitarist...Aaron is also co-writing, performing, and producing the "Hippies" soundtrack.

Now Aaron is expanding his creative horizons, by portraying one of the more 'colorful' side characters in the feature film "Hippies." Producers say adding him to the cast only furthers the credibility of the project.

"We were lucky to find the right part for Aaron. Sharing a scene with him was one of the highlights of my career."
-Kevin P., "Hippies" Ian

"He's alright I guess. A bit full of 'em self if you ask me...but talent's talent. Ya' can't deny that. I thought the same thing about 'ol Dwight Yokam the first time I worked with 'em."
Lawrence, "Hippies" crew member.

The No Points crew will be back on the set later this week, shooting several key night scenes.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Four new characters were on the set of "Hippies" today, as No Points Productions continues working on the feature project.

Producers say "you can't have a movie about hippies and activism without a couple of cops showing up to spoil the fun." Enter officers Butch Pedicini and Hank Kertowski, two members of the fascist regime that makes up the police state that our society has become.

"These officers of the law are our antagonists. They are the catalyst that fuels the political fires within our central characters. These characters are driven to spoil the quest for freedom that our hippies so desperately search for. In this film, they are the root of all that is evil."
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Two lumberjacks were also called to the set today.

No Points Productions will not comment on how these characters into the film, stating an extreme need for secrecy.
"If we disclose too many of the movies plot-points and secrets, it will spoil many of the twists that unfold throughout the course of the film."
-Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

One thing that Producers can say is that a tree was the center of the conflict in the scene.

"Hippies lives revolve around things like trees. To them, it's where life begins and ends. These characters are willing to die for even the smallest of trees...or shrubs. As an actor, I have to convey that idea. If that means chaining myself to a tree, tasting a tree, or sleeping along-side a tree...I'm willing to do it. Realism is the key to any believable performance. I will not rest until that realism is achieved. I believe we achieved it today."
-Amy R., "Hippies" Moonbeam

The No Points crew is scheduled to shoot more activism and protests tomorrow, as one of the movies most intense scenes appears on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 29, 2005


No Points Productions wrapped one of the films freshest scenes last night, which is set in an organic food market.

"These characters live in an earthy world. A world free from pesticides, chemicals, and other unnatural entities. Last nights scene thrusts two of the characters into that world to explore its deep dark secrets."
-Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

Renowned method actor Steven H. was brought in to portray the character of "Market Man." His character is a bit surly, with an under-current of subtle charm. Many of the other actors seemed to feed off of the energy the great method actor brought to the set.
"We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an actor who's skills are as refined as Mr. H's. The man is truly a genius."
Kevin P., "Hippies" Ian

Producers say the organic market scene will be the one 'the public will talk about and the media will write about.' Meanwhile, director S. Michael and the rest of the "Hippies" crew have began prepping for another full weekend of filming.

"We're near the home stretch. We have more than 3 hours of tape shot so far...and our presence in the community is already starting to create a bit of local buzz. If all goes as planned, we'll be a national sensation by autumn."
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Saturday, July 23, 2005


No Points Productions created a buzz in a south Eugene neighborhood this weekend. The crew continues to work diligently on the feature film "Hippies."

"We're in Eugene, and you'd think folks would be used to seeing hippies roaming about. But today, we got a lot of funny looks. This cast is so authentic looking, it makes people uncomfortable."
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Producers say they're nearly half way through the principal photography stage of the film, and the crew has only five weeks left on the shooting schedule.

"We're bustin' our asses on this project. S runs a tight ship and these actors can be kinda moody. They call it 'stayin' in character' or something, it's startin' to get on my nerves. But hell, it sure beats doing drywall."
-Lawrence, "Hippies" crew member

There is little time to rest as the No Points crew heads into the home stretch on this project. Aside from filming the movie, the team still has to record some original music and edit the entire film.

"Shoot movies or die, man! That's what I say. We'll just keep shooting and shooting, man. Day or night, rain or shine. This movie won't stop, man. We will not back down. We will not relent."
-Michael "the original", "Hippies" Cinder

Monday, July 18, 2005


"We just keep shooting and shooting. Eventually you'd expect the cast and crew to need a break, but this group won't stop. They're movie making machines!"
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Producers are calling it 'guerilla filmmaking' and the crew of No Points Productions have taken the city of Eugene by storm. Production of the feature film "Hippies" is in full swing.

"We've rolled hours and hours of tape. We've captured many thought provoking and entertaining moments. We haven't skipped a beat. This film has surpassed 'high potential.'"
-Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

With shooting locations ranging from the forest, to local parks, to Eugene rivers; the drive of the No Points team neither falters, nor stalls.

"This film has a clearly defined goal. It has a purpose. When this movie is released, it will send a message to this country. While satirical in nature, the film makes a bold statement on the condition of our nation. America won't be the same after "Hippies."
-Kurt R., "Hippies" Screenwriter

Director S. Michael has increased the consistency and intensity of the shooting schedule. The cast and crew seem unfazed by the eccentric methods of the fervent director.

"It can be hard to please a man like S. He has high expectations of his actors. However, his methods are effective. He brings things out of me, as an actor, that continue to baffle me and my agent."
-Kevin P., "Hippies" Ian

As an actor in this film, I echo the sentiments of my cast member Kevin. In fact, every member of the cast seems to find this particular project to be a benchmark in their careers. Short of Matt K., that is...

He was locked in his trailer and unavailable for comment.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


No Points Productions returned to the set of the feature film "Hippies" today, shooting scenes for the movie insiders are calling "a sensation."

Producers would not disclose the contents of the shoot, but were able to confirm that two rising stars from Portland were brought in for a scene No Points Productions describes as "a knockout."

"We're always on the lookout for new talent. When we were given the opportunity to work with two of Portland's most brilliant, young actors...Well...You just don't turn something like that down." -S. Michael Phillips, "Hippies" Director

"They brought a lot of energy and integrity to the set." -Kevin P., "Hippies" Ian

"This is really the tip of the iceberg. We've been scouring the nation, searching for the most talented actors for each role. There are dozens of smaller roles in this movie. We don't want to fill those roles with household names. We want to fill them with the next Brando or Olivier...The talent of tomorrow."
-Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

The No Points crew has planned several shooting days over the next week, including several key scenes with the bus 'Kosmic Freedum.'

Saturday, July 02, 2005


No Points Productions was back on location today, shooting scenes for the upcoming film "Hippies."

Michael "the original" was the only actor called to the set. His character (Cinder) is isolated from the rest of the hippies throughout most of the movie. Cinder wanders through the woods on (what producers are calling) a mission, sans pants.

"It's crucial for Cinders character to be without pants. The loss of his pants represents his free-spirited nature. Cinder wouldn't be Cinder with pants...He'd be Dan...Or Fred. We need him to be Cinder, and only Cinder." -Kurt R., "Hippies" Screenwriter

The set was closed for much of the 'on-location' shoot, in the woods of Spencer Butte Park in south Eugene. No Points Productions hiked in with a minimal crew, citing an extreme need for privacy when shooting Cinders scenes.

"What most people don't understand, is that the scenes with Cinder contain some of the movies most precious and intense moments. We need Michael to be comfortable, so we can bring the performance we need out of him. "The original" is a very talented actor, but if we have too much crew around him...He may get distracted, and that could detract from his performance." S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

The No Points crew won't disclose the time, nor location of their next shoot. Producers say it's more important to keep a sense of spontaneity on the project.

"This is an important project, man. This film is going to change the world, man. It'll start a revolution, man. Mark my word, man!" Michael "the original", Cinder in "Hippies"