Monday, July 18, 2005


"We just keep shooting and shooting. Eventually you'd expect the cast and crew to need a break, but this group won't stop. They're movie making machines!"
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Producers are calling it 'guerilla filmmaking' and the crew of No Points Productions have taken the city of Eugene by storm. Production of the feature film "Hippies" is in full swing.

"We've rolled hours and hours of tape. We've captured many thought provoking and entertaining moments. We haven't skipped a beat. This film has surpassed 'high potential.'"
-Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

With shooting locations ranging from the forest, to local parks, to Eugene rivers; the drive of the No Points team neither falters, nor stalls.

"This film has a clearly defined goal. It has a purpose. When this movie is released, it will send a message to this country. While satirical in nature, the film makes a bold statement on the condition of our nation. America won't be the same after "Hippies."
-Kurt R., "Hippies" Screenwriter

Director S. Michael has increased the consistency and intensity of the shooting schedule. The cast and crew seem unfazed by the eccentric methods of the fervent director.

"It can be hard to please a man like S. He has high expectations of his actors. However, his methods are effective. He brings things out of me, as an actor, that continue to baffle me and my agent."
-Kevin P., "Hippies" Ian

As an actor in this film, I echo the sentiments of my cast member Kevin. In fact, every member of the cast seems to find this particular project to be a benchmark in their careers. Short of Matt K., that is...

He was locked in his trailer and unavailable for comment.


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