Saturday, July 02, 2005


No Points Productions was back on location today, shooting scenes for the upcoming film "Hippies."

Michael "the original" was the only actor called to the set. His character (Cinder) is isolated from the rest of the hippies throughout most of the movie. Cinder wanders through the woods on (what producers are calling) a mission, sans pants.

"It's crucial for Cinders character to be without pants. The loss of his pants represents his free-spirited nature. Cinder wouldn't be Cinder with pants...He'd be Dan...Or Fred. We need him to be Cinder, and only Cinder." -Kurt R., "Hippies" Screenwriter

The set was closed for much of the 'on-location' shoot, in the woods of Spencer Butte Park in south Eugene. No Points Productions hiked in with a minimal crew, citing an extreme need for privacy when shooting Cinders scenes.

"What most people don't understand, is that the scenes with Cinder contain some of the movies most precious and intense moments. We need Michael to be comfortable, so we can bring the performance we need out of him. "The original" is a very talented actor, but if we have too much crew around him...He may get distracted, and that could detract from his performance." S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

The No Points crew won't disclose the time, nor location of their next shoot. Producers say it's more important to keep a sense of spontaneity on the project.

"This is an important project, man. This film is going to change the world, man. It'll start a revolution, man. Mark my word, man!" Michael "the original", Cinder in "Hippies"


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Finally, a real movie born from the earth.

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