Sunday, July 31, 2005


While the filmmakers of No Points Productions are fairly unconventional in nature, they can occasionally conform to trends. One new trend in Hollywood is the casting of famous musicians in supporting movie roles.

"We've seen this trend for some time now...rappers and rock stars in supporting movie roles. We figured it was a great idea to capitalize on. When Aaron became available to us...we made the decision to cast him as our fast food manager."
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Many consider Aaron to be a bit of a local celebrity. He's performed with a number of musical acts in the Eugene area for several years now. A renowned singer, song writer, and guitarist...Aaron is also co-writing, performing, and producing the "Hippies" soundtrack.

Now Aaron is expanding his creative horizons, by portraying one of the more 'colorful' side characters in the feature film "Hippies." Producers say adding him to the cast only furthers the credibility of the project.

"We were lucky to find the right part for Aaron. Sharing a scene with him was one of the highlights of my career."
-Kevin P., "Hippies" Ian

"He's alright I guess. A bit full of 'em self if you ask me...but talent's talent. Ya' can't deny that. I thought the same thing about 'ol Dwight Yokam the first time I worked with 'em."
Lawrence, "Hippies" crew member.

The No Points crew will be back on the set later this week, shooting several key night scenes.


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