Saturday, July 30, 2005


Four new characters were on the set of "Hippies" today, as No Points Productions continues working on the feature project.

Producers say "you can't have a movie about hippies and activism without a couple of cops showing up to spoil the fun." Enter officers Butch Pedicini and Hank Kertowski, two members of the fascist regime that makes up the police state that our society has become.

"These officers of the law are our antagonists. They are the catalyst that fuels the political fires within our central characters. These characters are driven to spoil the quest for freedom that our hippies so desperately search for. In this film, they are the root of all that is evil."
-S. Michael, "Hippies" Director

Two lumberjacks were also called to the set today.

No Points Productions will not comment on how these characters into the film, stating an extreme need for secrecy.
"If we disclose too many of the movies plot-points and secrets, it will spoil many of the twists that unfold throughout the course of the film."
-Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

One thing that Producers can say is that a tree was the center of the conflict in the scene.

"Hippies lives revolve around things like trees. To them, it's where life begins and ends. These characters are willing to die for even the smallest of trees...or shrubs. As an actor, I have to convey that idea. If that means chaining myself to a tree, tasting a tree, or sleeping along-side a tree...I'm willing to do it. Realism is the key to any believable performance. I will not rest until that realism is achieved. I believe we achieved it today."
-Amy R., "Hippies" Moonbeam

The No Points crew is scheduled to shoot more activism and protests tomorrow, as one of the movies most intense scenes appears on the horizon. Stay tuned.


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