Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The No Points Production Crew has made it through "hell week" and are one night away from wrapping principal photography.

"It's about friggin' time!"
-Kurt R. "Hippies" Screenwriter

After launching a one week shooting assault, the cast and crew are one scene away from completing phase one of production.

"It was a busy week, and a chaotic weekend...
but the cast and crew pulled it together and we got the work done. It'll pay off in the end. The finished product should sparkle."
-S. Michael Phillips, "Hippies" Director

Wednesday night will mark the last night of shooting for the No Points team, and producers say they've saved the most dramatic moment for the end of production.

"The climax of this film is quite dramatic...we wanted to save this scene for the last night of shooting. This scene is so dramatic, the actors may not be able to continue their careers after filming the final sequence. Material like this makes or breaks careers."
Sean Matthew S., "Hippies" Executive Producer

A wrap party is scheduled to begin shortly after filming concludes.


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