Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I received a letter from Director S. Michael Phillips this morning. He asked me to post it on this blog for you all to read. Enjoy. -YX

Dear Friends:

We received an exciting piece of news at No Points Productions this morning. We've won an award!

The Rebel International Film Festival has given our short film "Slay Bottle" an award for best editing. This is an exciting piece of news, during an exciting time at No Points. As artists, we work hard to produce meaningful, entertaining films. Receiving an award like this confirms that all of our hard work is paying off. It also serves as inspiration on future projects.

"Hippies" is the next step for our little production company, and I look forward to completing the film for all of you to enjoy. While we still have a lot of work left on the film, we're just a few months away from our Eugene premiere.

We'll see you all there.
Thanks for your support,

Congrats to S and the No Points Production team!


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