Saturday, August 20, 2005


The set of the feature film "Hippies" has been so busy lately, that I (Yancy X) have not had time to document production. For this, I apologize.

In place of my usual articles, I bring you some images from the last few days and nights.

This was a chaotic shoot. The No Points Crew was shooting one of the many night scenes. Here, the character Tre attempts to save some fish from the brutal clutches of the man.

This group of meditative activists were brought together to participate as extras in "Hippies."

Finally, we have one of the newest arrivals on the set of "Hippies." A man named Jose, who was brought in to portray one of the many colorful side characters in the feature film.

"Hippies" is slated to wrap principal photography later this week. The cast and crew seem excited to be finished with the project.

"It's time to put this puppy to bed. We'll have a lot of pick-up shots for the 2nd Unit to work on. But we'll be able to wrap our main actors by Wednesday night. There's been a lot of tears, sweat, and (most recently) blood...put into this film. We're certain the finished product will reflect that."
-S. Michael Phillips, "Hippies" Director

--sidenote from Yancy--
Sorry about the nose, MK.


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